Complementary View of Cancer and Natural Cancer Cures
Graham Horwood

The English word cancer is derived from the Greek-karkinos, Sanscrit-karkata which are the terms for the crab. This term has been adopted since antiquity as it describes the creeping and gripping effects of this type of disease. Recent cancers have been blamed on a variety of causes including- stress- poor diet-pollution inc. chemicals-inherited factors-pathogens-dangerous environments (power lines, mobile phones, electronic smogs wi-fi etc,radio-activity etc.).

China and Cancer

Whilst in China I met Dr Li (pictured below), who is a consultant doctor at The Yue Yang Hospital in Shanghai, she wrote the Chinese characters below which in Chinese means cancer, literally transalated as chi blocking disease- ‘ zheng jia’. She was very surprised that 1:3 in the West are destined to contract cancer. Moreover in China certain provinces declare that cancer rates are 1:100,000 – in conurbations being c.1:50 but this is rising as Western influences and lifestyles increase. The Yueyang hospital is a modern busy and successful hospital in Shanghai treating many illnesses with Traditional Chinese Medicine, all the herbs in the treatment are organic.


Dr Mayijin – Graham Horwood – Dr Li – Yueyang Hospital

-Shanghai China


Cancer and Chi

In both ancient and modern Chinese medicine chi is taken as the life force, or internal energy, of the organism. Thus cancer cells proliferate when ‘yang’ chi is diminished, because Yang chi is responsible for the immune function. So an excess of ‘bad’ yin and stress will reduce yang chi. Yang chi protects a person and yin chi nurtures.

Remember we cannot dismiss the oldest and only continuous civilisation the Earth has ever seen. Only now in the West are we beginning to see China and its culture anew after a many years of hibernation from the world stage. Nevertheless I hope that China will only export its wisdom.

Mind, Body and Soul

However this does not allow for the periods in history that pre-date the latter causes. Professor Carl Jung the Swiss psycho-analyst stated ‘that the body is the mere visibility of the soul and the soul is the psychological experience of the body’. Also that which the mind or soul cannot cope with, is stored negatively in the body, just as an electrical charge is stored in a battery. This would explain the pre-pollution causes as human strife has been with us since the beginning of time as historical and anthropological records testify. This includes all the natural and man made disasters whether on a collective or individual scale.

Mind & DNA
However the mind does effect the body a minor example is anxiety causing upset digestion and so forth. A troubled mind and soul are of the psyche which will also influence the replication of DNA in a positive or negative manner.

All of these causes can be addressed by careful reflection of the inner and outer worlds.

I will first of all address the outer causes of cancer. Cancer now includes a whole host of gripping diseases today including brain tumours, lymphomas, leukaemia, lung, breast, ovarian, testicular, prostrate and bowel cancers being the most frequent amongst many others. Some scientists claim that there is an onco-gene which mutates the basic DNA structure which is the root cause, thus producing the growth or cell damage. However we all cure ourselves of cancer every night, that is, our immune function destroys mutated cells all the time, especially at rest (natural cancer cures). Therefore it is only when our immune function is overloaded or reduced, does the errant cell production become cancerous, latching on to fragile spots or organs that have been weakened by carcinogens. Therefore cancer cells are only doing what comes naturally by reproducing themselves. Remove toxins then strengthen the immune function and this will kill off the cancer cells. Stress and trauma play a big part in reducing the immune function and allowing illness to permeate through our natural defences.

It is well considered that diet, stress and trauma; lifestyle as well as dangerous environment are the main reasons that normal DNA mutates into cancer. Without going into too much detail all organic life is composed of an electrical charge that in normal conditions is the motive force of DNA replication. The Chinese call this energy chi it has many cousins in all cultures i.e Japanese – Ki , Swahili – Roho, Arabic – Ruch, Hebrew – Ruach, Sanskrit – Prana, Greek – Psyche, Latin – Espiritus, German – Seele, English – Soul. All of these broadly speaking mean ‘breath’ or ‘spirit’. So when this energy is interfered with it causes the mutation.

Remove Toxins & Wash Clean
One must remove oneself from toxins in the environment, that is keep away from regular pollution from cars, factories, pollutants in the air, such as dioxins from power plants, incinerators etc. Also remove toxins from the skin therefore all toiletries should be safe vegetable based organic products, including shampoos, shaving cream, avoid regular deodorants and perfumes; when breast cancer samples have been tested they have shown to have parabens always check on labels for parabens or derivatives such methylparaben etc, parabens are pernicious preservatives designed simply to increase shelf life not your life!, body and face lotions must be pure and simple, use natural non fluoride toothpastes, as well as clothes, washing products and conditioners, dish washer detergents, household cleaning products, always check ingredients with the internet. Wear organic, if possible, natural fibres such as cotton, hemp etc. 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream with the body having to remove these unnecessary toxins burdening the already hard working kidneys and liver. Keep away from neon lights, clock radios and diodes near beds at night, electric plugs, microwaves,, vdu’s. In the house ban synthetic fibres, chemicals, veneers and adhesives in furniture and carpets which give off carcinogenic vapours especially in centrally heated houses. Keep away from mobile phones and cordless phones in the house, also wireless connections for pc’s- wi-fi in the house, school, work etc. as all these create electronic smogs in the environment which attack the organism and weaken the immune function.

Breath of Life with Chi Kung
Also deep breathing exercises are prescribed because cancer cells do not like O2, so light aerobics and walking in natural environments with plenty of fresh air especially Tai Chi and Chi Kung with specific visualisations being very curative. The University of Tokyo showed that Chi Kung and dynamic Tai Chi is ten times more efficient than any other aerobic exercise at absorbing O2 yet without any strain or injury to the organism. If possible try to do Chi Kung and Tai Chi barefoot on grass or even walk or stand on the soil also try to be in natural environments, parks, countryside, sea side and their like, terees and forests especially but keep away from draughts. This allows the negative chi/internal energy to be earthed. Also mild sun bathing will boost Vit.D levels being an anti-oxidant.

Lymph System 
Classic Chi Kung which are gentle, static methods with visualisations, as outlined below and in Tai Chi Chuan & The Code of Life and Key to Health, which besides effectively oxygenating the organism without strain encourage the lymph system to circulate and clear itself of toxins and mutated cells as well as building the immune function naturally.

Morning Focus & Avoid Stress
Also a focussed determination to overcome this and not be drowned by collective ideas and conventional science which are very biased by the PR of self interest groups. Remove the fear and you are half way there, by becoming empowered through knowledge of your challenge. See further on: as well Tai Chi Chuan & The Code of Life & Key to Health. Chi Kung and Tai Chi are more effective at building yang chi when practiced in the early morning, thus reinforcing the immune function which Chinese scientists in the Shandong Institute of Medicine in Shanghai have proved highly effective, under laboratory conditions. Keep stress away, by reflecting on one’s life and maybe see what dreams have to say about lifestyle. Is it the hectic lifestyle worth the risk? Stress reduces the immune function dramatically.

A Touch of Zen
However one should envisage peacefully the Zen, Samurai code to vanquish an enemy with honour and determination. This resolve can overcome cancer however needing strategy and discipline, The most famous manual on ‘Bushido’, is probably The Five Rings, by the 17th century samurai, Miyamoto Musashi’s. Where he echoes the Taoist concept of harmony which is to balance within and without in order to harmonise with the Tao, the natural path of Heaven and Earth.. Musashi states then realised the natural way to subdue an adversary, was not with sword skills but by following the Way, Do (Tao-Chinese) of Nature, this he learnt, albeit, after a host of struggles, wars and conquests.

Natural Cancer Cures
A client of mine came to me with Hodgkins Lymphoma. His symptoms were being listless, tired with night sweats, itching skin as well as a sore neck and glands, flu like symptoms, mucous discharge etc.. These symptoms are actually the body trying to rebalance itself and expel the toxins. Nevertheless he wished natural cancer cures to cure himself naturally which is entirely possible depending on the commitment of the individual. The errant cancerous cells in the lymph system can spread and multiply if not addressed. I advised an organic vegetarian diet as laid out in Key to Health see further on.

Our Lady of Walsingham
However he needed inspiration and was inspired to self healing by the following which gave rise to a cure of his affliction. After a TV documentary on the shrine of ‘Our Lady of Walsingham’ in Norfolk, a voice on awakening from sleep told him to visit the shrine.

With nothing to lose he went to Walsingham celebrated for ‘miracle’ natural cancer cures and pilgrimage for a thousand years. After a moving yet unconvincing visit, including a ‘sprinkling’ with a blessing at the well in the shrine, he wandered through the town. He asked some locals about miracles; one local shop lady said the only miracle round there, was closing time. However, after a few more blanks, he came across the official gift shop, where a female assistant reluctantly told him the following tale. Twenty two years ago, her then fiancé rang her concerning an eight year old girl called Andrea who was badly injured in a hit and run smash by a motorcyclist. It happened in his local area in the North of England, many miles from Walsingham The doctors considered that due to the extent of her head injuries there would be brain damage with a vegetative state. He asked his bride to be, to light a candle at the shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham for Andrea. She did and by proxy decided to have the blessing and sprinkling of the ‘water’ from the well. Her future husband then informed her that when Andrea awoke after extensive head surgery she said, impromptu, to her parents, that she had been to Walsingham. Thereafter she was completely compos mentis and is still in good health in her thirtieth year in 2006. At the shrine he noticed an engraving which stated ‘Healing and Renewal’.

Trigger for Wholeness
This moving story triggered a conviction that there is a seemingly magical side to healing which can be made possible by the realisation that becoming whole is one of the natural cancer cures in itself. He was struck by the faith of the pilgrims and the intensity of feeling that can engender a curative effect. Carl Jung noted that the modern age has discarded the power of the feeling function and its healing potential, often represented by such places dedicated to female divinities. Many religions have a myth of an heroic birth, death and rebirth which is echoed in Christian belief.

Useful Herbs, Supplements & Hot Tips
Try and research the following :Red Clover (flower) , Lapacho-Pau D’Arco, extra zinc supplement, garlic (capsules), ginseng, milk thistle and dandelion to help expel toxins, carrot juice, beetroot juice, natural vitamin C, organic flax oil, echinacea: Being anti-oxidants and or able to boost the immune function. Goji berries are one of the highest anti-oxidant foods known and can kill cancer cells, however they must be organic, see internet for purchase details. As well as hyperthermia by way of hot mineral baths, saunas, steam baths etc. which efficiently and effectively remove toxins from the body by way of the skin. Also cancer cells are killed off at 104-1050 F / 43-440 C. All these complement a wholesome vegetarian diet but one must be cautious not to overdue any or all of these including the herbal cures which one can weaken or yinnise the internal energy, so trial and error with a competent therapist is advised to find the right doses and combinations.
Avoid strong stimulants like coffee, tea and alcohol which will deplete the immune function as well tomatoes, potatoes, aubergine and egg plant as they also weaken the organism. Try organic green tea, red bush tea, natural herb teas such as bancha twig tea, nettle, dandelion etc.. In China even with its vast industrialised expansion, the rates of cancer are one in one hundred thousand! Whereas in the Western world it is one in three! In Shanghai breast cancer is called the rich woman’s disease.

Take Note of Your Dreams
In 2006 a male student, 50 years old, informed me of a doctor’s diagnosis of throat cancer. He had been a long time smoker and had a haphazard ‘organic’ diet as well as doing Tai Chi. He first came to me in 1997 for some for aches and pains. I dealt with the kidney and liver chi deficiency, advising a wholesome diet, with appropriate exercise, and as ever I stressed the importance of taking notice of the inner aspects of the psyche by way of dreams because they are a dialogue with the unconscious which has amazing and fascinating potential.

Inner Prophetic Voice
I asked him for dream material, whereupon he told me that he did not take notice or remember many, but with effort recounted a long term recurrent nightmare of choking on various objects which with association related to negative childhood experiences of his step mother and family. I suggested that he should continue the dream work, but unfortunately he declined.

When I showed him the dream material notes that he gave me back In 1997, he was visibly moved, seeing the connection. I recommended a strict organic brown rice diet (see diet section) to ‘starve’ the cancer and visualisation techniques from Chi Kung which are also used in modern day China (Shanghai Sanatorium of Chi Kung). For example find a quiet, natural spot preferably facing the early morning sun and breathe in pure, clean white chi from the sun to the tan tien in order to build up a store of ‘fresh’ chi (see Chi Kung section:- Tai Chi Chuan & The Code of Life or Key to Health). Then imagine drawing in the pure, white healing chi from the sun to the place of discomfort or at issue then visualise exhaling away, the dark, turbid chi from the effected area. This will help healing as well as pain management. Do both chi kungs, In sets of four ‘in and out’ cycles.

Nevertheless due to a destructive anima problem, (see Collected Works CG Jung Volume 9 i & ii – and Von Franz- Puer Aeturnus), he opted for the torment of conventional treatment, being radio and chemo therapy.
During his treatment I had a dream, where I visited him in hospital, showing that radio and chemo therapy can be torture. As of June 2007 he was still in and out of hospital, recently he had his tongue and voice box removed and is awaiting a mechanical voice implant which was later denied as the medics consider him terminal, however, he is taking red clover and his cancer seems to be in remission. Unfortunately in December 2007 the cancer returned and he was given three months to live. Since that time he has been in and out of hospital, until June 2008 where he was admitted to hospital for the last time, where he died in July 2008.

Pain Killers 

Also I noted that some years ago he had a car accident which left him in pain in his back, which caused him to take prescribed pain killers. This factor in my opinion added to the stress on his immune function inter alia.

Natural Cancer Cures are best all round

The moral of this tale for me is try to remedy the cancer as soon as one can as naturally as one can, taking in all the hints and advice mentioned and with effort, willpower and support, and one can beat this modern scourge of consumer orientated mankind.

Spirit, Mind & Natural Cancer Cures

Prof. Jung explained in an interview in 1957 with Dr Evans from Houston University that cancer as well as other illnesses can develop if the psyche of a person is weakened. He discovered this empirically in 1907! This can be due to a variety of reasons however if dreams are noted it can point to the weaknesses, therefore awareness of these factors can prevent the illness from defeating the body’s defences.

Cancer, The Doctor and Yin Yang
Michio Kushi told me an interesting story of a medic who headed a clinic in the United States in the 1970’s. The chief doctor went for his regular medical check up after which the results shocked him as he had contracted cancer which had spread throughout the lymph system, being in their eyes ‘incurable’. The ambitious deputy head of the clinic realised that he would now become the boss with all its trappings, so he did not seem too distressed by the news he broke to his senior colleague that his life span was short.

Hippy Natural Cancer Cures
The doomed doctor decided to tidy up his affairs as well as visiting, by car, some relatives across the country. After having a break he saw a hitch hiker, his first reaction was that this layabout could be dangerous to pick up. But the condemned man relented as he needed some company and had little to lose, offering the young man a lift. They got talking and the condemned driver admitted his plight. Whereupon the hitchhiker casually said he knew a clinic that cured cancers by diet, exercise and soul searching. He initially scoffed at such a place because he was a scientist. Then on reflection, as he had nothing to lose, he asked where it was. The holistic centre was run by Michio Kushi in Boston. Intrigued he detoured to this apparent magical centre for healing, as it was in his general direction. After some effort and a change in “mind set, he was cured using the criteria of balancing the yin and yang in his diet and his soul.
He returned to his old clinic and got himself re-tested and the cure was confirmed much to the surprise of his old medical team.
I can recommend a book The Cancer Prevention Diet by Michio Kushi and Alex Jack.

Jaws’ Cure 
During the more liberal 1980’s in the UK there were more open television documentaries on all subjects including health as well as politics. During a BBC Horizon broadcast on cancer a therapist from the east coast of the USA, had encouraged a cancer patient to imagine the most feared thing eating away his cancer. The Floridian concerned cited a great white shark which he visualised gnawing away his tumour. He recovered and at the time of the film he showed the camera a large tooth from a great white which he wore around his neck as a souvenir.

Please remember the psyche and Jung’s aphorism – ‘the body is the mere visibility of the soul and the soul Is the psychological experience of the body.’
The inner method is to ask why this has happened and reflect on one’s life and all its ups and downs. A way to assist this process is to turn off the outer light in order to turn on the inner light. This is first achieved honest and careful reflection assisted by dreams.

Dreams – Objective Truth
I had a patient who came to me with cancer yet he had a dream where a set of doctors were unable to help. He followed the natural path and won, later a dream confirmed this.

Carl Jung proved that dreams compensate for the outer attitudes of a person. Dr. Jung proved that this was an empirical process and is available to all who have the courage to look in. The language of dreams although symbolic should be taken at face value. Dreams invariably re-occur until the content is assimilated. Jung went on to show that this is the birth place of all inspirations. With the advent of the global village and the strife between peoples this is the only true way to find a common ‘God’. So in effect dreams could be a voice of God, Dr. Jung also noted that the unconscious holds absolute knowledge, being a non time space continium where past, present and future are undifferentiated in this quantum field.
Jung called this medium the Collective Unconscious being the well spring and motivation of everything including all religious systems, even if some seem outmoded. The true meaning of life, being the integration of these unconscious contents into consciousness. All unconscious contents are projected out into the world of matter until reflected. These unconscious contents are always negative as they are cast in the shadow of the person or a collective. This is the root cause for all the human woes, whether on a collective basis such as war, pollution etc, or dis’ease on an individual basis. We basically meet our unconscious as fate, whether it is an illness or an accident etc. If dreams are too difficult to access or remember at first, seek out a person to trust and confide in. This normally triggers a reaction in the psyche of the effected individual and will stir up the unconscious enough for it to break through into the light and consciousness.

Summing up
Therefore to sum up change away from industrialized food, keep away from and change any polluted environment and factors and open up the psyche to receive freely the unconscious elements which can be considered the mysterious power of the philosopher’s stone and containing a Holy Grail of absolute knowledge. In any event the death of the ego or the flesh is but a rebirth in the mystery of life itself.

Useful tips besides my dietary balancing method can include certain foodstuffs which are anti-oxidant and immune boosting. However as, in all things these should be kept in balance and not overdone.

Superfoods and Herbs

The South American Indians of Brazil found that Lapacho boosts the immune function as well stemming off certain cancers, it is also known as Pau d´Arco. Other factors such as good quality Ginseng can help boost the immune function as does Garlic. Fresh Seasonal Vegetables and Fruit are a must in any cure ensuring that Brown Rice (organic) is the main source of body fuel. Red clover derived from the flower, will kill cancer cells and clear the lymph system. Goji berries containt the highest levels of anti-oxidants than any other foodstuff. One also needs milk thistle to clean the liver as this organ along with the kidney which can be boosted by dandelion will help remove the offending cells.

Miso is a Japanese fermented paste which is an ant-carcinogen. Oshawa the father of ‘macro-biotics ran a health clinic, specialising in curing TB naturally. The clinic was based near Hiroshima during the second world war. After the atomic bomb went off, the explosion being clearly visible from the hospital, none of his patients were affected by the radiation. Many Japanese although further afield than his clinic died of cancers and radiation related illnesses. Every morning his patients drunk fresh warm miso soup.

Soya products, which must be organic and non GM are known to resist cancers as do Sesame and Sunflowers Seeds.

Herb teas should replace regular tea and coffee etc. especially organic Green Tea.
I also recommend Bartram’s Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine which carries some interesting ideas on cancer.

Never Give Up
However one must face a cancer as a challenge and always look for the most natural way out which can include a balanced diet with an emphasis on Brown Rice and Seasonal Vegetables and some seasonal fruit, accompanied by any natural cure that one feels right with. Try and keep away from any animal or fish protein until well on the way to recovery. If you find eating difficult or awkward blend your food into a soup consistency for easy swallowing and digestion. Plenty of good quality fresh air in natural environments accompanied by easy to do and relaxing exercise. Never give up.

Medics baffled as woman’s killer cancer disappears 

By Lisa Smyth Independent

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A Northern Ireland woman who was diagnosed with terminal cancer before the tumour miraculously disappeared may have been saved by her own immune system.

Sharyn Mackay, from Newcastle, Co Down, was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour on her kidney which was so rare that doctors at Craigavon Area Hospital sent samples of it for examination by specialists in London, Glasgow and Harvard.

The mother-of-four was then dealt a further devastating blow by doctors and the cancer was inoperable and chemotherapy, even if it worked, would only add a few weeks to her life.

“They said it was spindle cell sarcoma which is normally a bone cancer,” she explained.

“I was one of only 10 known cases where it had become a kidney tumour. The surgeon kept a watch on my kidney but in April 2004 he told me the cancer had rattled through my kidneys and lungs and I was a terminal case.

“The hospital said treatment was an option, but not a cure, and that I had a year to live at best.”

The mother was left stunned, however, when further scans to see how the cancer was progressing showed that it had inexplicably disappeared.

“The doctors were astonished and said it could not have been due to anything they’d done,” she added.

“Four radiographers studied the scans and none of them could quite believe it. The tumours had gone and I was told to leave the hospital and live a full life. The cancer has never come back and I have never felt better.”

While Mrs Mackay attributed her recovery to the power of prayer, medical experts are now considering the possibility that her immune system played a vital role in destroying the tumour.

A study of Norwegian women concluded that spontaneous remission of breast cancer may have occurred in 20 per cent of cases.

Peter Johnson, the professor of medical oncology at the Cancer Research UK Centre in Southampton, told the Daily Mail: “The immune system’s role is tantalising because we know something is at work in spontaneous remission but we don’t know what makes the system do it.

“The question is, how do you turn the immune system from an occasional assistant into a more constant helper?

“Cancer Research is funding research into this area and pharmaceutical companies are working in this area too.”

Mrs Mackay’s amazing recovery first came to light in 2005 when she told the Belfast Telegraph how she prayed to God and pleaded to survive her illness.

She said: “The night before that scan I wrote in my journal: ‘Thank you God for healing me. I know I will get clear results tomorrow.’

“The following day my consultant at Craigavon smiled at me for the first time in ages. He explained that he had been dreading that day, as four world authorities had examined my scans and all confirmed the worst.

“But the most recent scan revealed the tumours and lesions were gone. He had called in radiographers and doctors to look over all the scans and no-one could explain it.”

This article is from The Belfast Telegraph

Some suggestions lifted from the internet


Also visit :
where it says as follows:
“A lot of people ask me, “Mike, how can you say that chronic disease is reversible? The American Medical Association doesn’t say it’s reversible. The American Cancer Society says there’s no cure for cancer. How can you say that these diseases are reversible?” 

The answer requires an understanding of a much more advanced framework for health and the underlying causes of disease. Fundamentally, these diseases are fictitious in the sense that they are not caused by invading microbes — thus, they are not diseases in the way we typically think of infectious disease like smallpox, malaria or influenza. 

Rather than being such types of diseases, our most common so-called ‘diseases’ like cancer, diabetes and heart disease are actually metabolic disorders. They are the end result of specific causes, and when those causes are allowed to work their destruction over a long period of time, they create a series of effects. Those effects are diagnosed by doctors and given a name. And the name is something like ‘cancer’ or ‘heart disease’ or ‘diabetes’. 

If you’d like to verify this yourself, just ask any doctor for the name of the virus that causes osteoporosis. Or ask them: “What’s the name of the bacteria that causes heart disease? What’s the infectious agent for cancer?” And in all three cases, the answer will be “Well, there are none – these diseases aren’t caused by infectious agents.” 

So what are they caused by? Frankly, conventional medicine can’t really give you a 

satisfying answer on those questions. They don’t know the causes. Sure, they can tell you what they think are causes, such as saying that diabetes is caused by insulin resistance. But all they’re actually doing is describing another symptom. The cause of diabetes is not insulin resistance, that’s just one of the cascading symptoms that leads to the ultimate diagnosis of the disease. The real question is: “What causes insulin resistance?” 

So you see, if you backtrack from conventional medicine’s explanations about the causes of disease, and you keep seeking deeper and deeper causes for the symptoms, then you fairly quickly get to a point where conventional medicine has no clue, because they can’t tell you what causes insulin resistance. Yes, they can describe the biochemical mechanisms, but they can’t tell you what causes that biochemistry to take place. 

The bottom line is that the leading thinkers in conventional medicine don’t understand the causes of these diseases at all. They keep looking for the biochemical interactions, and by doing so they’re lost in the forest. They’re looking at a microscopic level and losing sight of the big picture. It’s classic myopia, and they reinforce that tunnel vision by automatically discrediting anything that might offer an alternative perspective. What they really need to do is to zoom out and look at the holistic picture. 

Welcome to the big picture of health and healing

They need to look at the whole action of the human body and everything that impacts it, including environment, mind-body interactions, nutrition, chronic stress and things like natural sunlight. When you look at the impact of all of these factors on human health, you begin to get a much clearer picture of the true cause of chronic disease. And once you do that, you understand that these diseases are simply a cascading domino effect. They are a result of nutritional deficiencies, chronic stress, environmental toxins found in the air, the water and even personal care products like shampoo, deodorants and anti-static dryer sheets. 

You see, when a person has a cancer tumor, it’s something that the body actually built. Conventional medicine tends to think of a tumor as some sort of alien invader, as if it swooped down from the sky and latched on to your body. But in fact, your body built the tumor. Cancer comes from within the body. There’s no microbial invader responsible. Cancer is fundamentally a failure of the body to regulate its own metabolism and clean up unhealthy, mutated cells. 

In fact, the very process of cancer — the seemingly uncontrolled duplication of cells — is quite natural. It is much the same process that a fetus undergoes when it is forming in the womb. Similarly, whenever you injure yourself, and your body has to heal that injury by rebuilding skin cells or other tissues, it is involved in a cancer-like action. In fact, cancer is just a name given to a normal metabolic function that has become abnormal in the fact that it is no longer restrained. Cancer, then, is really a normal biological process taking place in the wrong context. When cells are duplicating like crazy in a fetus, it’s called a miracle of life. When cells are duplicating like crazy in the pancreas of a senior citizen, it’s called a disease. Same process, different context. 

As you can see, cancer is not caused by some outside invader. It is a normal human physiological function that’s simply out of control and unable to be regulated by the body. Well, if the body has regulated and managed this process in the past (you’re still alive, aren’t you?), it only makes sense that the body is capable of figuring out how to regulate it again. And hence the claim that there are cures for cancer. 

You can cure cancer in your sleep 

In fact, such a claim is not at all outrageous. It’s not even extraordinary. I have cured cancer thousands of times in my own lifetime, and so have you, if you’re still alive. Every living human being cures themselves of cancer over and over again as their immune system locates and deals with cancerous cells in the body. Your immune system already knows how to cure cancer, and it has done so for decades. The U.S. medical establishment claims there’s no such thing as a “cure” for cancer, and yet every person alive today is a walking cancer curing machine. I suppose next, the FDA will arrest people for exercising healthy immune system function because, to them, curing cancer is considered some sort of crime. (Read “When Healing Becomes A Crime” by Kenny Ausubel to learn more about the FDA’s longstanding crusade to oppress and outlaw legitimate cancer treatments.) 

The only time cancer gets diagnosed in your body is when your immune system is unable to do the job it already knows how to do. And the way your immune system fails is if you don’t give it the tools it needs: if you’re suffering from nutritional deficiencies or chronic dehydration, for example. It could also mean that you are poisoning your body with cancer-causing substances such as sodium nitrite or chemical sweeteners, artificial colors, refined carbohydrates and environmental toxins such as the toxic chemicals found around your home. Common antibacterial soaps, for example, contain a chemical ingredient known as triclosan that, when combined with chlorine in tap water, generates highly carcinogenic fumes. Merely eating processed meats, recent studies show, boosts your risk of pancreatic cancer by 7600%! 

Conventional medicine remains clueless on cancer

So to say that there is a cure for cancer isn’t even a stretch. In fact, the bewildering belief is the one held by conventional medicine, which insists that there is no cure for cancer. That is absolutely stunning in its ignorance, because every person alive has already cured cancer. And the body is preprogrammed with the ability to cure cancer on its own. (Drug companies, of course, don’t want you to realize this. If people figure out they can already cure cancer, then anti-cancer drug sales might plummet!) 

It is astonishing that conventional medicine fails to recognize the true nature of cancer. To say that there’s no cure for cancer is to deny the healing potential of the human body. It is, in a sense, to deny one’s very own human nature. 

It’s not surprising to hear this, though, since conventional medicine is often about separation from nature, or even separation from self. If you think about the way conventional medicine looks at the body, it’s all about separation and isolation. We see doctors dealing with body parts: we have foot doctors and eye doctors and ear doctors, but we have very few holistic doctors who look at the whole person — the body, the mind and the spirit — and then prescribe a healing strategy that takes into account that holistic existence. 

At one level, though, I agree with the defenders of conventional medicine, because when they say that there is no cure for cancer, what they mean is that there is no “cure” if you continue to look at human beings as an accumulation of isolated parts. You can’t cure cancer if you keep peering through your microscopes trying to understand the subtle biochemistry of angiogenesis and tumorigenesis. That’s why the whole “cure for cancer” fundraising system in this country is a sham. What they’re seeking is more research dollars to become even better-funded technicians who attempt to tear apart the secrets of biochemistry… but yet who have no knack for seeing the big picture. 

The scope of so-called “cancer research” as practiced today is far too narrow to have the necessary understanding to even believe in a cure for cancer. Thus, from their point of view, they are indeed correct: there is no cure for cancer if you view the body as a collection of parts. Similarly, some doctors think human behaviour is fully accounted for by nothing more than varying levels of neurotransmitters. And get this — some artificial intelligence geeks think human beings are nothing more than complex computers (Turing machines). 

In contrast to all this, if you believe that the universe is holistic in nature; if you believe that a human being is more than the sum of body parts — that we’re more than Frankenstein monsters who happen to stumble into doctors’ offices with various complaints, then it is not difficult at all to understand that the cure for cancer is within each and every one of us. And in fact, it’s built right into our DNA. The very blueprint of life on which our biological systems are based is, in fact, imprinted with the cure for cancer. In a very real way, we are preprogrammed to be cancer-free. 

Beyond the biochemistry we are healing machines. The human body is a miracle of nanotechnology that far exceeds the advances of modern science. And even if you were to understand all the physical structures and chemical interactions of the immune system, I still don’t think you would grasp its complexities, because there are many interactions in the immune system that are energetic in nature. That’s why cancer researchers can run lab tests for a hundred years and burn through a billion dollars in funding and still not uncover the mythical “cure for cancer.” 

Trying to find a chemical cure for cancer is sort of like asking some poor sop to find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. If he thinks the rainbow is physical (and not made of light energy), then he’s going to chase that rainbow endlessly. Sure, the rainbow looks real, but it’s actually a projection of vibrational energy. 

A holistic view of health is much like recognizing the true nature of a rainbow — the interaction between sunlight and small particles of water, and the varying angles of refraction that split full-spectrum light into strands of visible colors. 

But organized medicine (pharmaceutical companies, medical doctors, the FDA, and other similar players) still think there’s a pot of gold at the end of that research rainbow. They think they can understand the rainbow by building bigger and better tools of observation to measure rainbow properties at a microscopic level. And in time, they will create all sorts of new technical terms to describe all the rainbow observations they have made, and they will justify huge budgets to continue the rainbow research, and yet all along, they’ll still miss the fact that the entire rainbow isn’t physical at all. 

Human beings are living, breathing vibrational energy

In humans, the big picture is that we, too, are vibrating energy. In fact, you could argue that every chemical interaction is energetic at the molecular level. From a physics point of view, there are no atoms, there are no electrons, we are all just vibrating energy and no physicist worth his salt would deny that. 

It is in fact this subtle energy that I believe will be the primary focus of the future of medicine. It’s called vibrational medicine, and it encompasses not just the energetic nature of matter itself, but also homeopathy and the energies exhibited by water as well as acupuncture, sound therapy, phototherapy, non-local healing and many other energy-based therapeutic modalities with proven healing benefits. 

In the holistic medicine world, curing cancer is an everyday event. Not because we’re better technicians than those in organized medicine (we aren’t), but because we operate at a deeper level of understanding about the nature of disease, the nature of human beings, and the “big picture” of healing. 

If you have cancer and you want a highly technical explanation of the biochemistry of your disease, visit an M.D. or an oncologist. If you want to actually be healed, on the other hand, visit a naturopath. Don’t let organized medicine send you on a fool’s errand chasing rainbows. Cancer is not a pharmacological problem. It cannot be solved by applying more synthetic chemistry (prescription drugs) to the body. And it most certainly cannot be solved by poisoning the body (chemotherapy).”

8 Step Natural Cancer Cures Program

  1. More oxygen – Cancer cells cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen.
  1. More alkalinity – At a pH slightly above 7.4 cancer cells become dormant and at pH 8.5 cancer cells will die while healthy cells will live.
  1. Less free radicals – Free radicals damage all aspects of the cell, including the DNA. In the absence of oxygen, the DNA self-repair mechanism does not function. Antioxidants such as Maharishi Amrit Kalash (MAK) neutralize the free radicals. The liver is the organ whose job is to detoxify the body of toxic chemicals. Herbs can be used to help regenerate the liver.
  1. More exercise – Improved circulation of the lymph resulting in nourishment and purification of the body tissues. Self-propelled immune cells become up to 5 times more active in response to rebound exercise. These white blood cells will eat cancer cells when the outer coating of mucus and fibrin covering the cancer cells has been dissolved by enzymes.
  1. Hyperthermia – Helps to remove toxic chemicals from the body. Cancer cells die at temperatures between 104º F to 105.8º F, whereas healthy cells survive. Also, cancer cells weakened by hyperthermia are much more easily killed by other means.
  1. More enzymes – Enzymes facilitate all metabolic activities. Pancreatic enzymes such as trypsin and chymotrypsin will dissolve the protein coat of cancer cells making them vulnerable to attack by white blood cells. The pancreas tends to shrink with aging. Herbs can be used to help regenerate the pancreas.
  1. Nutrient-dense diet, B17, F, C, D & Glyconutrients – Empty calorie foods waste digestive enzymes. A nutrient-dense diet provides more nutrition with less demand on the digestive system. Vitamin B17 kills cancer cells. Vitamin F (essential fatty acids) improves oxygen metabolism. Vitamin C can dramatically increase production of white blood cells. High levels of vitamin D obtained through diet and sunshine are found to significantly improve the survival of cancer patients. Glyconutrients are necessary for the immune system to function.
  1. Transcendental Meditation / Tai Chi & Chi Kung – Releases mental, physical and emotional stress. Relaxes the muscles facilitating flow of lymph. TM meditators have 55% less hospitalization from cancer.

Last but not least one needs to soul search and find out why it has happened. This last focus is best started by looking at the inner world of the psyche with Dreams being the gateway to life’s true meaning.

The ensuing dietary advice explaining the yin yang principles can prevent and overcome these dilemmas. However this will depend on the energy potential and motivation of the individual.

Good Luck and Best Wishes!

Graham Horwood