A Healthy Diet

Explaining how to balance food for taste and nutrition.

What Diet ?

Another way to maintain health is to eat a balanced diet, but which one?. There are a plethora of suggested diets peddled in all the media sources, books, on TV and from clinicians, always changing and different. Whereas adopting the yin yang method transcends all prejudices by balancing the intake of food and its potential. Modem society and travel mean we have lost or discarded many of our traditional diets built up by trial and error over the centuries. A simple yet effective method is to apply the yin yang principles. Knowledge of which replaces habitual eating with informed choice. Adjusting proportions and varieties of food to suit one’s own constitution depending on environment, age, sex and so forth.

Healthy Teeth
A self evident, but overlooked gastric mechanism, of how to judge a balanced diet, is the first place digestion takes place, being the mouth. Here there is a classic example of the interplay of yin represented by the thirty two teeth. Traditional Chinese Medicine designates these as being formed and influenced by the yin chi of the mother, as yin horizontal bone is created by the lateral forming, yin energy. This is offset by the thirty two vertebrae of the spine which are vertically determined by the yang chi of the father. The sum of which is yet another example of the ‘magic’ number of sixty four. This also appears as the core number of hexagrams in the I Ching. Equalled by the sixty four possible combinations or ‘words’ of DNA. These ‘words’ are needed to synthesise the twenty two or so amino acids which form the building blocks of protein for the body.

DNA & GM Food
In this way the principles of a yin or yang phase of energy can be applied to food. Therefore, if the vibrating pitch of the food is too yin or yang it will a have reciprocal effect on the DNA structure of our bodies. Also Genetically Modified Organisms will affect DNA and are a great danger to mankind, as the balance of yin and yang have been altered artificially without the test of time to determine the long term effects.

Teeth & Food
Therefore to stay healthy one can follow this natural law by eating foods in rough proportions to the evolved array of teeth that modem humans have inherited. The twenty molars are best at chewing grains, the eight incisors are most suitable for vegetables and lastly the four canine for animal protein. This guide for a healthy balanced diet, that I have written here, uses this approach.

Chinese Yin Yang
These yin yang principles were used successfully for millennia by Chinese scientists and doctors whose collective knowledge, from thousands of years of experience, was assembled in the sixteenth century AD. by Li Shih-chen who compiled the Pen-ts’ao kang-mu, The Great Pharmacopeia. This major work was the assimilation of centuries of diagnostic techniques, cures and remedies in fifty-two volumes. It is still revised, updated and reprinted today, currently in use being evidence of its authority and validity.

Ancient Cure for Malaria

A recent example of its timeless wisdom is that the American Military have been seeking an antidote for malaria since the second world war. In order to protect their troops when on active duty in the tropics. The cure was uncovered in The Geat Phamacopeia by Chinese scientists of the Institute of Malaria, Shanghai in the 1980’s. The Americans knew that the Chinese had discovered the cure and put their US drive, millions of dollars and know how into top gear to find it, but to no avail. The Chinese in the new era of Western co-operation released the formula in 1998, with the comment that the Americans had been very arrogant. Professor Ying Li who headed the Chinese team practices Tai Chi and chi kung everyday.

In Washington DC
The cure is composed of substances from a wild plant, Artemesia, the daisy leaf wormwood found along river banks all over the world, including the Potomac river in Washington. I bought a Chinese medical manual in 1976 which tells of many cures for malaria including the illusive Ch’ing Kao or Artemesia.

Herbs can Be Dangerous
Unfortunately one has to be very cautious about using herbs from China or the Far East due to the careless industrial practises since the 1940’s. A lot of the herbs are contaminated by pollution and some unscrupulous suppliers add drugs to them. So even though the recipes are accurate in appearance, the contaminating contents can be counter productive and even dangerous. When I was in China in 2007 I visited the Yueyang TCM hosptial in Shanghai where they made a point that all the herbs that were prescribed from their very busy pharmacy were grown organically away from pollution, towns, cities and industrial areas being cultivated with pure water.

The principles of Li Shen-chen’s opus were adopted by Sakurazawa Nyoichi (1893-1966), more well known as George Oshawa. He formed his Shokuyo or ‘macrobiotic’ system, popularised by a student of his and fellow Japanese, Michio Kushi in the 1970’s. Oshawa and in particular Kushi, laid out a balance of foods, with such a ‘Japanese’ flavour, it was impractical for a lot of people either to digest or buy the obscure expensive foods which he recommended to the West. However George Oshawa, was cured of TB and other diseases in 1908, with these yin yang principles. He was taught by the Shinto influenced Dr Sagen Ishizuka and with this traditional way of healing and balancing diet, which landed in Japan from China over the centuries. Oshawa then decided to study and practice these methods which he did successfully for fifty years. Shintoism is a Japanese a hybrid of Taoism and Buddhism which has the yin yang principle at its core.

Atomic Cure
Another extraordinary example of this practical science in the frightening world of modern warfare is when Oshawa ran a health a clinic near Nagasaki. This was at the time of the atomic bombing of the City in 1945 at the end of WWII. None of his patients, although recovering from other illnesses were adversely affected by the nuclear fallout. Even though many poor Japanese from living further a field than his clinic, were violently ill or killed as result of the nuclear fallout. One secret cure was regular miso soup!

Nuclear Energy is very Yin
When the body is balanced it can fight off unwanted threats more effectively. Nuclear fall out is extremely yin, so if the protective energy of the body is kept full and yang, the yin radiation will not be absorbed. A balance diet will help keep yang protective energy clear and strong.

Ancient Wisdom Cures Modern Times
Chinese doctors have been applying yin yang in remedies, successfully for five thousand years, harmonising the internal energy of the body with diet, herbs and exercise. It is my intention to explain how to adopt this yin yang theme for everyday use, with everyday foods. I have been teaching, healing and practising these methods successfully, since 1968 without resorting to any exotic formulas.

Yin and Yang Relativity
One must bear in mind yin and yang are relative. For example meat is yang compared to the yin of a carrot but a carrot is more yang in relation to the very yin tomato. Although a male is generally more yang than a woman, a female can be more yang than a man. Initially it can be a bit confusing, but with a trouble, easily comprehended. This understanding will pave the way to a practical and comprehensive way of choosing the most appropriate food for any environment or occasion. The yin yang law is relative and can be applied to any situation.

We are All Different
The physique of a person differs depending on age, sex, build, hereditary factors, environment and of course diet. Allowing for the aforementioned criteria, a person who has a yin constitution will have one or a selection the ensuing characteristics, in varying proportions :- quiet, lethargic, thinner, fair skinned with light hair, lighter colour eyes, high pitched voice, nose that points down, teeth that point out, wide apart eyes sometimes with the whites showing underneath, knock knees, feet that splay out, gain weight in the lower parts; the more of these, the more yin and so forth.
Whereas a more yang constitution will have a tendency to be more outgoing and lively, stocky build, thick hair, dark eyes, close set eyes, deep voice, teeth that turn in, turned up nose, tendency to have pigeon toes, bowed legs, body hair, liable to put on weight in the upper part of the body.
The relative proportion of these outward physical attributes will determine the general trend of a person. For example a thin blonde girl, with fine hair and a high voice being yin could be attracted to a thick set man with a dark complexion, curly hair and a deep voice, being more yang. A person with a yin constitution should eat more yang foods whereas a more yang individual should eat more yin and so forth. One can practice this on friends, diagnosing whether they are yin or yang by nature and the foods and people they are attracted to. After a while one will be able to judge these facts in order to balance lifestyle and health.

Yin Yang in Foods etc.
The brief list of foods that follows are arranged in a yang to yin order. Below that there is a random table of opposites.
To recap, yang is an expansive force that causes contraction, whereas yin is a contracting energy that gives rise to its opposite condition of expansion. An example of this is that salt, being a very substance can contract ice, which is very yin and expanded, back into a liquid. Salt is renowned as well for its properties to close open wounds also preventing infection for the same yang reason.

A Brief List of Relative Foodstuffs


Wild Game

Red Meat (Farm Reared)

Red Meat

Red Fish (Bloody Fish -Tuna- Salmon etc)

Red Fish

White Meat (Fowl etc) / Shell Fish

Shell Fish/White Meat

White Fish (Plaice etc.)




Root Vegetables

Root Vegetables

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy Green Vegetables



Herb Tea

Herb Tea

Regular Tea

Regular Tea








A Brief List of Yin Yang items in an unrelated order.






















Sunny Side of a Mountain

Shady Aspect of a Mountain







Expanding Force

Contracting Force













Odd numbers

Even numbers








The West has uncovered these opposites in differing ways with such great thinkers as Einstein discovering that all matter vibrates including the mind and body. All matter being the result of the push and pull of the inter-relating atomic forces. Food also vibrates which can simply, yet effectively, be judged by its yin or yang pitch of energy. Therefore it must follow that if one eats a lot of yin vibrating food the body will absorb too much yin energy. This will cause the body to vibrate at a more yin level giving rise to a yin sickness or ‘dis-ease’. An easy way to maintain or return to health is to harmonise yin and yang in foodstuffs as well as in one’s general lifestyle.

Chi is Energy
The body is comprised of yin and yang energy channels used in acupuncture etc. that are linked to the various yin and yang viscera which are disturbed by an unbalanced input of various comestibles and hectic living. So food not only sustains life but is a medicine and a controller of health.

Wholeness and Healing
The word ‘heal’ is derived from the English word ‘whole’. Therefore to be healed one must become whole, or in other words balanced. A medicine, whether it is natural or synthetic is a substance which will adjust the balance of yin and yang latency of the body’s chemistry. In the West this is viewed from a chemical point of view as opposed to the energetic effects. Food also has a chemical or energetic consequence.
The average person can eat several pounds of food and many litres of fluid daily, each of which is either yin or yang thereby having a relative outcome, even though medicine is usually more concentrated.
An everyday, but very essential example of the interplay of yin and yang between the body and nature can be seen by the humble, yet necessary yin leafy greens and bronchial shaped vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli which increase the absorption of 02 yin (-) by the yin organ of the lungs, supplied freely, by its natural counterpart, of the yang tree (+) which transforms the yang C02 back into 02 and so forth.

Too Much Choice

Now in first world has an enormous and exotic choice of eating but there is an ironic twist for this new found freedom. The advent of technology and the global variety of food has lead to unsustainable food production. It has become invariably tasteless requiring exotic sauces or spices to cover up the blandness. The food being far less nutritious and more dangerous.

The method in this book is a way to balance foods with an informed choice making the individual really free. One has to decide whether it is better to invest in a wholesome diet or risk the consequences. In my opinion it is more sensible to enjoy natural food that is pleasantly prepared, knowing that it could never harm one. If knowledge is power self knowledge is freedom.

Seasonal and Climate Balance
The first place to see the effects of yin and yang on eating, on a global scale, is the distribution of food from its natural habitat. The cold zones of the north and south poles are extreme yin, whilst the hot equator is full yang. Applying the law of opposites, food consumed in cold climates should be more yang, whereas at the equator more yin, to compensate for the climatic energy differential. Take the case of spices which grow naturally in hot climates, although hot to the tongue are actually, a yin food as they cause the blood to thin, thereby ‘yinnising’ the metabolism to keep the body cooler.

Hot and Cold
So, if one overeats yin food in the northern hemisphere, it will cause the body to cool unnaturally. It is unfortunate for peoples who have migrated to the north with their familiar equatorial spicy diets and tropical ingredients. This speedy migration did not take into consideration the climate differences often causing mysterious illnesses amongst minority cultures in their new adopted lands.
The organism will always try to redress the balance naturally. This automatic mechanism is achieved by draining away the reserves of internal energy. When the internal energy is exhausted by overworking to balance the excesses of yin and yang, the body’s defences break down resulting in disease.

Vitamin C Myth

Another classic misconception of preserving health is the quick fix myth of vitamin C from imported oranges, grapefruits and lemons. These are very yin which again cool the body too much for the colder climates. The result of which gives rise to cold hands and feet, reducing resistance to the cold. This can lead to rheumatism and arthritis, chest problems all of which are triggered by the excess yin of the citrus fruits even though they contain an essential vitamin.

Food Heals
One can see that besides diet being simply a method of refuelling the body it is an essential factor in maintaining health and preventing illness.

An important factor determining health is the habitual environment where one lives or works. Where the same yin yang rules apply. Places to avoid are the dangerous man-made, micro-climates found near power lines, antennas, radio masts etc.. All of these give off strong electromagnetic currents which yinnise the body. All electro-smogs due to their extreme yin inducing qualities, yinnise the body primarily reducing the immune function.

Yin Cancer
Leukaemia (-) clusters are found near nuclear plants (-), high energy cables (-) and so forth. It is an extreme yin (-) effect on the bone marrow where healthy blood cells are produced. The yin white blood cells (-) become abundant or of poor quality. Whereas the yang (+) blood cells and platelets are reduced.
Leukaemia symptoms are flu like having many yin characteristics including:- tiredness, weight loss, difficulty in breathing, loss of appetite, abdominal discomfort and bruising. Infection, bone pain, and anaemia are also symptoms with haemorrhaging also occurring in areas such as the gums and the nose.

Electromagnetic Fields are super yin

Harmful EMFs (-) are also radiated by radio antennas, mobile phones, micro-wave ovens, wi-fi and all manner of electronic smogs from computers and so forth.
The most dangerous unseen yin danger is nuclear radiation, Chernobyl being the most recent terrifying example of the long term and drastic effects of this type of unnecessary method of power production. Nuclear power has more to do with the nuclear arms race than en

ergy supply. The main cause of the many premature deaths in and around Chernobyl, is leukaemia.
Therefore if the diet is not balanced it will reduce our ability to cope with unfriendly environmental conditions, stress and pathogens.

Natural Choice and Health
Here I have compiled a yin yang diet to return or sustain health, as well as acting as a learning tool on how to incorporate and enjoy one’s own preferences in a balanced way. After appreciating the subtleties of balancing the internal potential of food, it can be modified to suit individual tastes and customs. However if one falls ill, no matter how serious, one can adhere strictly to this health guide, permitting the internal energy of the body to stabilise and fight back against the illness, besides acting as wholesome nutrition.

There are so many different ways of cooking food I suggest, at the outset, to prepare organic food in the traditional manner but adjusting the proportions as laid out below. Another way to add variety is to adjust the ingredients using popular vegetarian, Italian, Chinese and Indian cuisine. Always ensuring the correct proportions of yin and yang are adhered to.

70% yang – 30% yin
The following balance of food is geared for a general modern lifestyle for a temperate climate like the United Kingdom. The balance of ingredients should be adjusted depending on climate, season and physical exertion (sport/pregnancy etc.). When applying this method for different conditions, food should be generally more yang in cooler seasons and cooked for longer, in ovens and closed pots. In hotter periods and climates, the nutriments should be lightly cooked or eaten raw, increasing yin types of foods.

Organic and Sustainable Food Production
On a final and seriously dangerous note, I wish to issue a grave warning about the quality of food. One must always try to buy and eat fresh food, free of preservatives and additives, which have been grown organically and prepared as naturally as possible. The so called approved additives and agri-cides have never been tested by any Western government agency as a collective cocktail or over a long period. There are many unacceptable claims from the scientific community concerning the so called safe substances This is highly dubious science when this has only been tested in laboratories not in society for an extended period. The reason for the lack of safe testing is purely economics. These noxious substances have only been tested separately on innocent animals, for inconclusive periods of time by the companies who profit from the sale and production of these chemicals.

Radiation is Yin

Irradiation of foods is another unseen trick of the food industry of prolonging the ever desired shelf life, particularly of ‘fresh’ foods. It is declared by many large food chains that they will advise if foods have been irradiated. This is as difficult to police as detecting GMO’s. Also it is not legally apparent how these should be labelled. For example what if the food was irradiated outside the European Union or at sea without prior knowledge of the purchaser. It is an unseen process needing sophisticated equipment to detect. It is increasingly more and more difficult to rely on the good intention, alone, of any large enterprise. A rough way to judge this, is to see if fresh food lasts unnaturally long and stays looking ‘fresh’ without going off such as salads, vegetables and sea foods etc.. If the food does not decay naturally, it is likely that it has been blasted with radiation.

Food Preservation can be Harmful
Radiation ‘preserves’ food by making it more yin. This unacceptable synthetic yinising slows things down preventing decay but dangerously. Whereas chilling and freezing do not. In the case of radiation the yin is pernicious with its invisible effects being passed on to the consumer in turn ‘slowing’ down the body’s processes unnaturally. Other preserved foods including the chilled varieties are quickly and easily yangised by heat which is certainly not the case for irradiated foods.

Agro-chemicals are Dangerous
Another proof of unsustainable food production which is not only poisoning the land but the consumer as well is where farm workers have to be dressed in protective clothing. These unfortunate workers resemble aliens whilst applying these ‘safe’ substances to our comestibles. In many cases they are legally obliged to wear protective apparel, face masks and so forth, whilst spreading these ‘harmless’ products on the land and animals.

Food Production Lies
The old chestnut that these agro-chemicals, industrialised food production and GM food are simply to provide increased bounty for the sake of humanity is a lie. It is a spurious argument of self justification and denial, to cover up the exclusive profit driven motives to control food production. As always the people who pay are the innocent consumer, not only with their pockets, but also their health. There are several scientific studies that show that organic food production is more productive that industrialised farming including the highly propductive bio-dynamic methods. These protect the consumer, the land, the environment and the wildlife,. What coulf be better. The more of us who buy these natural foods will create a more economic and safer production as well as educating the corporates that it is us the consumer who is in control.

Organic is safe
Organic farming has been proved by many farmers around the world to be safer and in the long term more economical than modern intensive farming. The result of irresponsible industrial farming is becoming more and more evident as the long term effects of these toxic cocktails manifest themselves in humans as the increase of allergies, bizarre new illnesses, cancers, immune and neurological disorders and so forth. The incidences of children born without eyes is twice as prevalent in the country as metropolitan districts, as is the increase of asthma in rural areas, to name but a few out of town dilemmas.

GMO Madness
God only knows what Genetically Modified Organisms will do, certainly these GMO’s have not been produced for the benefit of the consumer. These Frankenstein foods are produced by corporate monsters in homage to the new god of greed and power. I predict more disasters emanating from this immature and untested formula for improving balance sheets, by the unnecessary manipulation of plant and animal DNA. At the moment the paying public are being used as cheap experiments. In the 1950’s Harvard University took Kirlian Photographs of Genetically Modified Plants and found that these plants had no aura i.e life force field.

To sum up if any substance or deed is carried out without the true well being of the recipient in mind, the dark malevolence of the act or substance will always have a destructive effect. History is the proof of this. This view was echoed on the UK’s BBC Television, in 1998, by a professor from Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.,USA. He pointed out that the Organo-phosphates (agro-chemicals) which are widely used as pesticides throughout the world, were astonishingly developed at the chemical factory where the inmates worked, at Auschwitz during World War II. The Organo-phosphate compounds were fed into the gas chambers of this infamous death camp, to carry out the Nazi plan of mass genocide., the infamous second world war Nazi death and concentration camp. Sarin, an Organo-phosphate is a nerve gas stockpiled by many countries being an efficient weapon of mass destruction. Sarin was employed in the terrorist attack on a Tokyo subway train, killing many people in March 1995.

Increased Consciousness
Hopefully more and more people will become conscious of these facts and demanding the return of natural foods. This will improve and fortify one’s health helping to fend off any hidden undesirable elements from food and the environment. Last but not least it will help to protect the environment by supporting careful and sustainable food production besides thwarting the heinous processes of corporate self interest economics.

General Guide for a Balanced Diet Applying The Principles of Yin & Yang.

All food whenever possible should be carefully selected from organic and free range sources that sustain the environment, people and animals.

Natural Protein
1) Each meal should consist mainly of food from fresh natural vegetable origin, 50% of which is organic whole cereal grains such as brown rice, whole wheat and its by products i.e. bread, whole wheat chapatis, whole wheat noodles, buchwheat and brown rice noodles,wholemeal pasta, barley, millet, rye, rye bread, oats, oatmeal, corn, corn on the cob, buckwheat pancakes. Including the occasional top up with preferred animal or seafood from safe sustainable sources, such as fresh fish, free range poultry and wild game. Preferably avoiding or occasional moderate consumption of organic red meat such as beef, pork, lamb or their by-products. Increased physical activity requires more yang food, preferably carbohydrate supported by some seafood or animal protein if desired. Dairy foods although yang and widely consumed in Western societies are acidic and a body ‘clogger’ so best avoided if possible. Dairy food was originally a way to conserve protein in cold climates. This is less relevant today with central heating, modern houses and travel. Occasional eating of organic dairy products will do no great harm. Just remember BSE et al. will be in the food chain for years despite the claims to the contrary from the vested interests. Also certain fish even though claimed ‘organic’ contain dioxines which are contain carcininogens, as the farmed fish are fed trawled deep feeding fish at the bottom of the food chain thus absorbing many pollutants. Even so called wild salmon, trout and cod etc. are liable to contain pollutants as the sea become more of a refuse dump to many nations.

2) Vegetables in season, the more yang, root variety for winter and more leafy, yin in summer including fresh salads. This can include seaweed which is becoming more popular having a natural high mineral content. Be careful of its origin due to sea pollution.

Pulses & Beans

3) 10-15% beans and pulses i.e. chick and split peas, lentils, black eye beans, kidney beans as part of the main meal which can be cooked in stews or in soups etc..

Nuts and Seeds
4) 5% nuts, seeds and seasonal fruits eaten with care will add protein and variety to diet but prevent habitual intake of exotic and tropical foods like oranges, kiwis, mangoes, bananas etc. which ‘yinnise’ the body. Conventional confection e.g. sweets, chocolate, biscuits, cakes should be moderate due to the high sugar content, colouring, additives and animal by-products such as gelatine, GMO soya lecithin, etc..

5) A sensible intake of ‘clean’ uncomplicated fluids will not overly effect the yin/yang balance of the diet. Liquid is quickly dealt with by a normal metabolism. Therefore depending on activity, sweat ratio etc. one should drink around ½-1 litre or so a day depending on activity. Try and avoid drinking ‘tap’ water, unless properly filtered as it contains a chemical cocktail of agro-chemicals such as the Organo-phosphates, fertilisers, heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria, phenols (the gender benders) and fluoride which is considered carcinogenic and banned in certain discerning countries.

Soft drinks are hard
Soft drinks are not soft but very hard. Hard on the body, regular cokes, colas and the so called tropical drinks etc. are a cocktail of chemicals and sugar which besides damaging teeth, will stress liver and kidney function. Reliable scientific studies in the United States have linked sugar free foods and diet drinks containing aspartame to premature alzheimer’s disease also giving rise to severe, sometimes irreversible, symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. I doubt if it is worth the risk for adults to indulge in these toxins. Even worse is the expensive advertising of these substances targeted at the young and innocent. The can and its design logo cost much more to produce than the toxic liquid it contains.
Coffee and Tea

Regular tea (commercial Indian etc.) and coffee contain natural stimulants like caffeine and tannin etc.. These are highly processed containing hidden chemicals which will add to the collective cocktail but will do no great harm if drank in moderation. Far better to be replaced with natural decaffeinated coffee and pure Indian or Chinese green tea and the usual herbal infusions available now from shops everywhere.

Alcohol is a yin substance being the distillation and or fermentation of grain or fruit etc.. Originally alcohol was made to alter the state of consciousness for religious rituals. This property is now used as a modem ‘anaesthetic’ which yinnises the brain giving a very temporary relief from the pressures and stresses of modern life. It is generally abused but if understood in relation to yin and yang and diet it can be a method of controlled relaxation for some. It is a yin substance that burdens liver function, the more the degrees of alcohol, the more yin it is. An excess will always causes distress. The more yang alcohols are the grain based ones such as beer and whisky. The more yin being wine and brandy and so forth.

If alcohol is drunk in moderation and not misused, it will do no great harm. Again one has to do some homework and be selective on the type and quantity of the ingredients in the preparation of alcoholic beverages. The highly profitable drinks industry is not interested in your health but in its balance sheet. One of the major costs of a product is the slick advertising of these mass produced substances. They have long shelf lives assured by the content of a great deal of additives to preserve this highly lucrative stance. So be selective, seeking out naturally produced products which are available and can also support local or cottage industries concerned with ecology. GMO’s are now used in the production of alcohol which are unlabeled.

Tomatoes and Oxalic Acid
6) Some popular foods to be avoided whenever possible or eaten in moderation are :- tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines, egg plant, avocados, yams, asparagus, spinach, beets, bananas, all being very yin for northern climates. Potatoes and tomatoes are related to the same plant family as Deadly Nightshade also containing oxalic acid which burdens the liver and can leach iron out of the blood.

7) Always cook foodstuffs or prepare salads, sparingly, with unrefined virgin pressed culinary oils of natural origin such as cold pressed virgin sesame, corn, olive oil, sunflower and safflower oils. Oil are yin substances so use with care.

8) Lightly season foods, if necessary, with unrefined sea salt from an unpolluted source, in moderation. Salt was a sign of wealth in the past hence the word ‘sal’ary, so there is a misguided tradition that salty food is a sign of wealth. It must be used very carefully as it yangises the system. One dangerous effect being high blood pressure by slowing kidney function and restricting the flow of blood in the arteries, putting the heart under unnecessary duress. A simple test to see if there is too much salt in one’s food is that it should not actually taste salty. A very acceptable savoury substitute which contains pound for pound more calcium than dairy food is ‘sesame salt’. This is made from 1 part unrefined sea salt to 10 parts sesame seeds which are lightly roasted together, then ground to taste. Also there are natural soya sauces available from most health food shops. Commercial soya sauce is normally a chemical cocktail to be avoided at all costs.

Garlic is Magic
Garlic is a wonderful seasoning besides which, will strengthen the immune system but it is a yin substance and too much will have a counter effect. About a clove a day is more than ample to season and protect. It can be given to animals as well to keep down infection.

9) Cook food with as little waste as possible, keeping cooking times to a minimum always considering the nutritional value as important as flavour.

Wholesome Ingredients – Healthy Food
10) Last but not least, please check all the labels so as to avoid industrialised foods
and artificial additives, colouring and preservatives including sugar, and GMO’s. All being unacceptable extremes of yin and yang which drain the intrinsic energy of the individual. Many substances sold as safe in the UK are banned in the US or Europe !. These unwanted additives are added to increase shelf life and profitability and not designed to improve health. Unnatural food will damage the internal organs,especially the heart, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, intestines and liver.

This health guide, once understood with a little perseverance, will reap great rewards. It can be modified with a little thought, to suit one’s own cultural, religious and environmental criteria. Adapting and adopting the yin yang concept of balancing fresh wholesome food to taste, season and latitude.

When one becomes ill, eat and drink simply, reducing all the heavy foods especially the extremes, adhering to a vegetarian diet of 70% yang to 30 % yin foods, until well, keeping intake light with wholesome soups.

Conclusion and Summary
To conclude, one should eat foods that are local and in season which for the UK being still a temperate zone. The diet should generally contain 70% yang food to 30% yin. Always choose foods from natural organic sources comprising of (50%) grains plus some fish or animal protein, (20%) pulses, balanced by (30%) yin foods, preferably vegetables and limited amounts of seasonal fruit. One can adjust the amounts depending on the climate, i.e. if the weather is very yang more yin food can be eaten and vice versa.

Second Nature
With practice and perseverance the yin yang principles will become second nature not only in choosing food but also lifestyle, allowing one to judge the most acceptable balanced way of living, wherever one ends up. This rare yet available freedom if persevered with a little trouble can save lots of trouble at a later date. Excesses of yin and yang tend to be forcibly redressed on the metabolism by climate change which can manifest itself with loose bowels, fevers and so forth, so if one voyages to a distant land try and find out the local foodstuffs and their type of preparation adjusting one’s food a few days before travel to assist the changeover and avoid spoiling a holiday or business trip with a ‘Delhi Belly’ syndrome.
Otherwise the body can react with upset stomachs, colds, coughs, flu as it throws off the excess yin or yang from the previous climate or environment.

To Err is Human
Normal healthy people can wander from the above yin/yang concepts using common sense and care. The body is flexible enough to cope with small changes without any danger. The symptoms of the common cold are often simulated when the body is expelling toxins. But any stress on the body’s natural reserves will use more of the vital energy or essential ‘chi’ which is finite. This ability to recover wanes as the essential ‘chi’ is diminished naturally by age or persistent illness. See chi kung in Key to Health. or Tai Chi Chuan & The Code of Life.

Sleep Easy and Empty
Whenever convenient, try and avoid late eating, preferably for at least three hours before retiring. Food eaten late at night is not fully digested and can lead to the body storing the undigested food as fat or mucous. The nutritious value of food is digested more effectively when yang chi is waxing from early morning up to midday. The body’s digestive ability diminishes accordingly from midday to midnight, as chi wanes proportionately from yang to yin. One can use daylight to assess the scale of yang to yin energy. Dusk and dawn being a transition of one to the other.

Environment and Soul
There are other determining factors which must be considered and harmonised to ensure health besides diet including; stress, environment and habitat – mountain (yang)/coast (yin) – town(yin)/ country(yang)- tropics(yang)/ temperate zone(yin) etc., pollution, inherited factors including genetics, pathogens & harmful bacteria. Last but not least is a disturbed psyche which will give rise one way or another to all the above.

Inner Truth
All illness is allied to a sickness in the soul. This is the main reason for the plethora of hit and miss cures from all disciplines. If the soul of a person is not at rest, it will manifest itself as fate regardless of any attempted cure. The best way to adjust this factor is to turn inward to the inner truth which is available and free to all every night, in dreams.

Soul Food
If one wants to discover why the soul has manifested an illness, simply look at the symptoms and see what they are telling you. For example if one’s right leg is hurting, it could be one does not want to advance in life. Asthma could be a burden ‘sitting’ on the chest. Cancer is something added to the body. Jung speculated that it was a serious problem too awful for the individual to accept, which then ‘grips’ one in the body like the claws of a crab. Back trouble could be a painful experience from the past as often the back represents the past and the front the future and so forth.

A person will tend to eat and behave in such a way as to encourage the symptoms rather as if part of the soul is saying ‘you will face this, one way or the other’. One has to honestly listen and analyse the inner objective voice of dreams and outpourings of the psyche. Dream messages act as a compensation for the outer life, just as yin balances yang. This impartial medium will dig up the reason which is always there, but usually under a lot of debris. Sometimes if the person can not face the problem directly, whilst outer healing is taking place the repressed factors arise in a quid pro quo format, Sometimes causing fits of emotion or necessary depression. Depression is natures way of cooling the ego and thus allowing the unconscious to filter its message through to consciousness. A sometimes unpleasant but useful tool of enlightenment. I must refer the reader to volume 16, The Psychology of the Transference, from Jung’s collected works for a full dissertation on the subject of the necessary darkening of the soul on the path of wholeness.

Jung Says simply:

“That the body is the mere visibility of the soul and the soul is the psychological experience of the body”.

The definition of a soul is difficult to determine as there are many interpretations of what a soul is. I shall adopt a Jungian concept of a soul being the unique part of a person which strives for wholeness. It seems that initially the soul is often inter dependent on collective values, such as family, race, religion etc.. Jung’s option to find a personal inner truth and meaning, was to individuate away from these collective associations.

Briefly people’s inner beings, by way of projection, are influenced by and intermingled with the various groups according to the level of unconscious association. Firstly there is the family group soul, comprising simply of the parents and siblings, which can spread out into the extended family prevalent in Asian or Italian type collectives.

The next collective distinction is the area of residential identity such as village, town, city or county. Then the collective identity flows out into a religious and or national soul. Lastly an important and ignored level is the Anima Mundi, the world soul which joins all mankind. The same rule applies to each stratum, the more collective the more unconscious. This does not mean that one should be alien to or not support any of these collectives. They form the necessary social factions which create cohesive families and societies. On the other hand, one should not be unconsciously controlled by them. Many collective ‘blind’ passions are produced by these clusters which can lead to the cumulative misguided responses of war mongering, racial hatred, religious prejudice and the now all too prevalent classes of self interest economic groups.

These aggregate souls could explain the cause of the seemingly unnecessary collective disasters of the innocents in famines, epidemics and so forth. Jung realised during World War Two that the collective psyche of the time was responsible for the collective atrocities of the day. This was engendered by the all too human capacity of inertia, self deception and self justification.

This collective phenomenon could explain the hereditary diseases and disasters that befall some families. When an innocent child for no apparent reason is born handicapped or becomes ill. This could be the result of a collective family destiny, akin to the Oriental concept of fate or retribution (karma). Whether there is a transmigration of souls or reincarnation is debatable and beyond proof. Equally there could be a sort of ‘karmic’ set of DNA messages which are inherited by a species, race or a family.


If one bears in mind that the DNA molecule that shapes a ‘family’ trait is inherited from forbears. It is equally as possible for this memory bank of physical information to also hold psychic data. This possibility explains why twins who, separated at birth, after meeting later in life, although being brought up by different families, discover identical habits, as well as inherent features. Characteristics of human beings are definitely passed down. Easily identified by the historical family traits confirmed in all manner of families over the centuries. This is particularly evident amongst the ruling classes, due to their high profile. They also had the wherewithal to record their past with portraits and historical documents highlighting the Hapsburg lisp of the European monarchy or the Medici nose and so forth.

The public face of modem medicine is still too dogmatic at the moment to accept the existence of the soul or its sphere of influence. Thereby missing this area of study which Jung developed at the turn of the twentieth century.

Inner Truth
Dr. Jung always maintained that the inner aspect of a person was the most significant and the outer values were mere occurrences. This is difficult to understand from the present biased, material worldview. It is neither the length nor the outside appearance of any life form that is important but the inner experience of the soul which is paramount. Always remembering that life and consciousness in themselves are precious gifts, irreverently squandered by many. Therefore the more conscious one can become, the more healing will take place on an individual or a collective basis.

Inner Voice of Truth
I would like to reproduce an article from a UK broad sheet newspaper, The Independent, on Friday 19th December 1997 headed: ‘ Voices warned of brain tumour’.
“A woman who heard voices telling her there was something wrong was later diagnosed with a brain tumour despite the scepticism of her GP. The unnamed woman had first accepted counselling and medication fearing she was going mad, but when the voices returned after she had a holiday, she went back to her doctor and demanded a brain scan. He reluctantly agreed and was criticised by colleagues for accepting what his patient’s hallucinatory voices were telling her, until the scan disclosed the tumour.
Writing in the British Medical Journal, the GP Dr Ikechukwu Azuonye describes how the woman was operated on successfully and made a full recovery. On regaining consciousness, she heard voices for the last time when she claimed they told her: ‘We are pleased to have helped you. Goodbye’.”

I will leave the last word in this chapter to Professor Carl Gustav Jung;

” Dream the Myth on”.